First Visit

Massage RoomThank for choosing Anchored Massage Therapy to help you reach your health goals!

What to Expect

Some people are not sure what to expect for their first treatment because they have never had a massage before. I highly recommend you come prepared by downloading the intake form below to save on time. We will review what you are looking for with this session (ie. relax, increase flexibility, alleviate pain). I will make sure you are comfortable trying the different tools I can offer such as Cupping and Gua Sha Therapy. When I step out of the room you may undress to your comfort level, which is different for everyone. If you feel more comfortable leaving any under garments on that of course is just fine. As I begin to massage, I am careful to only undrape the section of your body that I am working on and re-drape it when I have finished. My goal is to make sure all my patients feel safe and worry free!

***If you plan on using your insurance I need to know several days in advance to check your benefits and also make sure you will be bringing a prescription with you. Please download the “Prescription Form” below to take to your doctor or have them Fax one to 253-276-0294.